What is Montessori?

maria-montessori1Maria Montessori, born in 1870, was the first woman physician in Italy and later became a world renowned educator. She spent many years observing and working with children.  In this process she created a new vision of education for children, which is often thought of as the “education for life.” Her philosophy is based on the natural development of children and their intrinsic desire to explore, discover, and learn from the world around them.   

She believed that each child is born with a unique potential to be revealed. Her methodology became known as The Montessori Method – a way to develop children as independent, confident, and intellectually curious young citizens. The Montessori Method was well received by the world and her ideas were adopted by many other educators who carry on her work. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world. Today Montessori schools and programs found all over the world and her work has influenced the field of Early Childhood Education at every level.

Montessori  Philosophy

Montessori Philosophy is a unique auto-education process developed by Dr.  Maria Montessori in 1907 to educate children through direct control of their environment. Montessori education is based on inspiration and utilization of the entire developmental potential (i.e. physical, cognitive, social, and emotional) of the child. Montessori believed that the most important period of life is the period from birth to the age of six, during the time when man’s intelligence, his greatest implement, is being formed.

To enter a Montessori school is to enter a world specially prepared for the comfort and stimulation of the child. The classrooms are carefully designed environments where children of mixed ages work together or independently with multi-sensory materials that invite them to touch, to think, and to experience. With the freedom to choose, children develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-mastery. The Montessori teacher is more of a facilitator than an instructor. We adapt the Montessori belief system to design a curriculum that achieves the aspirations of Montessori philosophy. Thus, our goal is to provide essentials to become lifetime learners, explorers, and achievers through Montessori Education

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