Our Mission

Nova Montessori Preschool offers a child-centered development program based on Montessori Philosophy to provide an exceptional learning environment that encourages child’s creativity, exploration, independence and self-development. Furthermore, we have enriched our program by integrating important aspects of play based curriculum to inspire and balance all developmental needs of the children. Our mission is to provide a quality Montessori education in a safe, diverse, and nurturing environment that helps the development of a well-rounded child.

Our Staff

The teachers of Nova Montessori Preschool provide guidance to help children work towards independence, self-confidence, and self-discipline. They have Montessori diplomas, as well as Early Childhood degrees or diplomas. Their extensive educational training, Montessori experience, and commitment help to nurture and guide children through our curriculum.  Nova Montessori Preschool offers staff opportunities for attending conferences, workshops, training sessions to further develop their professional skills.

Geethani Yakandawala – Montessori Teacher & School Administrator

Post Diploma in Early Childhood Program Management, MB, Canada

Diploma in Early Childhood Education with honours, MB, Canada

Preschool and Kindergarten Montessori Teacher Diploma, BC, Canada

Master of Science in Floriculture, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Angela Staple -- Kindergarten Teacher

Teaching Certificate, MB, Canada

Early Childhood Educator II , MB, Canada

Bachelor of Education, MB, Canada

Navnit SawhneyEarly Childhood Educator II

Early Childhood Educator II , MB, Canada

Ruby Ana Macasaet Kindergarten Teacher

Teaching Certificate, MB, Canada

Angala WangEarly Childhood Educator II

Early Childhood Educator II , MB, Canada

Francesca Barletta Early Childhood Educator I

Diploma in Early Childhood Education, MB, Canada - in Training

Mohinder Kamboj – Early Childhood Educator I

Dilini Balasooriya – Early Childhood Educator I

Montessori Diploma -  in Training

Susan Kirton – Music Teacher

Licentiate for Vocal Performance (L.C.C.M.), Canada

Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (A.R.C.T.)

Level I Orff , University of Manitoba, MB, Canada

Level II certification, Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, Canada 

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Assistants and substitutes

All our staff assistants and substitute teachers have good knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and child development. They are committed to offer an exceptional service

Upcoming Events

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